Features of A Good E-commerce Website

Related Products

Showing related products to customers helps you to up-sell or cross-sell your product for a better deal. This type of marketing influences the visitors to spend more time and dollars on your website by displaying the products he/she has shown an interest in purchasing in the past.


Product Filters

No customer would want to scroll through thousands of products to find the one they want. Product filtering lets your customer customize their E-commerce experience and get exactly what they are looking. They can filter their search on the basis of price, size, popularity, color, design, etc.


Simple Checkout

For enhancing the overall experience of the customer be sure to keep the checkout process simple and quick. Your E-commerce website should be loaded with a dynamic shopping cart, clear check-out page, and cart page. Also, reach out to the user once the payment is completed by sending an email, allowing him or her to track their order whenever needed


Efficient Interaction Management

Send a welcome email when a new visitor signs up on your E-commerce website and flash a payment confirmation message when a customer makes a payment. Such user-focused interactions contribute to relationship building, while also further enhancing the overall sale prospects of the business.


Smart Shopping Cart

Stats show that around 65 percent of visitors on E-commerce websites abandon shopping carts without completing the transaction. In order to keep the user experience smooth and assure the customers that their products are added in the cart, integrate a small cart symbol in your E-commerce website that dynamically signifies how many products have been added to the cart.


Smooth Order Management

Whether you manage orders on your own or integrate a 3rd party system for the job, there must be a smooth, reliable and error-free flow of the data of the sales, shipping orders, customer information and other order details. The efficient management of accurate data helps you in streamlining the sales process & enhances overall user experience.


Shipping Options

Some customers would want their products to ship immediately while others would be happy with a slow and less costly alternative; therefore, it is vital for an E-commerce website to offer multiple shipping modes to the customers. Also, to enhance the billing experience, allow the customer to calculate the shipping amount before the checkout process.


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